Sell your business online with zero commissions

Sell your business online with zero commissions

Terms and Conditions

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SERVICE AGREEMENT –  Business Sellers

Between Buying Selling Businesses and the Owner/Seller of the business who has purchased the Sell Your Business package.

The Seller acknowledges that this is a Private Sale between himself as the Seller of the Business and a prospective purchaser.

This agreement allows Buying Selling Businesses to provide promotional services via the websites stated in the Package purchased, pro-forma documents and general advice on the process of selling a business.

Buying Selling Businesses – will NOT –

  • Be involved in business negotiations with purchasers
  • Conduct any inspection of the Business
  • Provide a written valuation or a full analysis of financials
  • Issue Contracts of Sale

Buying Selling Businesses will forward enquiries as received via websites to Sellers and will provide guidance of a general nature by email or phone if required.

This agreement does not prevent the Seller from entering into any other arrangements to sell the business e.g. appointing a licensed real estate agent (Business Broker) at any stage while the package is operational to sell the Business. The service fees charged are non-refundable payments after the 14 Day money back guarantee period has expired. The advertisements for the sale of the Business will be deleted from the websites within 24 hours of the end of the package period.

The package will be renewed on a monthly basis at the end of the three month initial term, until an email is received to to cancel the subscription.

If an offer is received for the business and or contracts of sale are entered into as a result of the advertising prior to end of the package period, the full package price is still payable in full.

The advertisement can be removed from all sites at the request of the owner prior to the end of the package period, however, the full agreed package price is payable for the agreed period of 3 months


Between Buying Selling Businesses and subscriber to the Business Buyers Information package.

The fee charged is a non-refundable payment.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact

The website does not provide everything a buyer should know when buying a business. It’s aim is to provide a comprehensive overview and extensive information to prepare a business buyer so they can be well informed in making such an important decision.

Buying Selling Businesses does not make any representations or warranties, expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Business Buyers should always undertake their own due diligence enquiries for any business purchase.

Documents/information provided are of a generic nature only, and are not to be used as legally
binding documents or statements. A buyer must consult with a legal practitioner before proceeding to purchase a business.