Sell your business online with zero commissions

Sell your business online with zero commissions

Business Buyers Appraisal Package

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Are you about to Buy a business?  Have you found a particular business you are thinking of making an offer on?

Purchasing a Buyers Appraisal package will provide you with expert advice on the process. A small investment today may save you thousands of dollars and grief later if you have not taken the right precautions.

An experienced broker will review the financial information and other documents you have been provided with.  You will be advised what further documents you should be requesting to see, and what steps you should be taking before and after you make an offer.

The package includes the following:

  • Analysis of Financial info e.g. Profit & loss statements/Add-backs
  • Perusal of lease and any recommendations in regard to items that should be addressed in contract e.g. additional lease terms, inclusion of ROE etc.
  • Review of Schedule of Franchise agreement if applicable
  • Review of employees – numbers, conditions of contract to be considered
  • Suggested conditions of contract
  • A recommended offer price
  • An Appraisal document with the pros and cons of the business, along with suggested offer price and the market value based on current market conditions and industry knowledge.
  • A complete series of emails sent every two – three days with detailed information on the process of Buying a business in Australia.
  • Full version of e-book “Don’t Lose Your Shirt”
  • Tips and things to look out for when buying any business

The document is an appraisal, it is NOT a valuation. It will provide a suggested offer price based on the opinion of Angela Williams, a Business Broker with 16 years’ experience.

The price does not include the following:

  • Writing of conditions of contract
  • Providing Contract of sale
  • Due diligence of financial accounts

The recommendations will be based solely on the information provided. It is the Buyers responsibility to consider the information in the appraisal document, to evaluate and act on, if they chose to.

The review of any legal documents will focus on whether they include or do not include normal commercial business requirements e.g. ROE. Whether fees/rent are reasonable within normal commercial terms.

Upon receipt of all documentation requested to complete appraisal, the appraisal will be provided within two business days.

To proceed – please email and you will be sent an invoice for payment.

50% due prior to work commencing and balance prior to receipt of final appraisal document. 

Mobile:  0416 109 017

Business Broker:
Angela Williams Principal/Licensee
Advance Real Estate & Business Brokers Pty Ltd
Lic No. 63767

Advance Business Brokers accepts no responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy or undisclosed information that is provided or not provided by the Buyer.

Advance Business Brokers (AU) does not make any representations or warranties, expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of this information.  Nothing in the report that will be provided should be relied upon as a promise or representation to the future.  The information will be based on certain assumptions and management analysis of the information provided at the time the report was produced.

The Buyer accepts and agrees that any offer on a business put forward as a result of this appraisal is solely their own decision.  Any failure to secure a business as result of the offer being declined or outbid can in no way be attributable to Advance Business Brokers.

It is at the buyer’s discretion to submit offers and negotiate same.